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8/22 AM Session 1:
Knowledge Acquisition from Network and Big Data – I
  • Competition Detection from Online News
    Zhong-Yong Chen and Chien Chin Chen
  • Acquiring Seasonal/Agricultural Knowledge from Social Media
    Hiroshi Uehara and Kenichi Yoshida
  • Amalgamating Social Media Data and Movie Recommendation
    Maria R. Lee,Tsung Teng Chen, and Ying Shun Cai
  • Stable Matching in Structured Networks
    Ying Ling, Tao Wan, and Zengchang Qin
8/22 PM Session 2
Knowledge Acquisition and Natural Language Processing
  • Enhanced Rules Application Order to Stem Affixation, Reduplication and Compounding Words in Malay Texts
    Mohamad Nizam Kassim, Mohd Aizaini Maarof, Anazida Zainal, and Amirudin Abdul Wahab
  • Building a Process Description Repository with Knowledge Acquisition
    Diyin Zhou, Hye-Young Paik, Seung Hwan Ryu, John Shepherd, and Paul Compton
  • Specialized Review Selection Using Topic Models
    Anh Duc Nguyen, Nan Tian, Yue Xu, and Yuefeng Li
  • Quality of Thai to English Machine Translation
    Seamus Lyons
8/22 PM Session 3
Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning – I
  • Abbreviation Identification in Clinical Notes with Level-wise Feature Engineering and Supervised Learning
    Thi Ngoc Chau Vo, Tru Hoang Cao, and Tu Bao Ho
  • A New Hybrid Rough Set and Soft Set Parameter Reduction Method for Spam E-Mail Classification Task
    Masurah Mohamad and Ali Selamat
  • Combining Feature Selection with Decision Tree Criteria and Neural Network for Corporate Value Classification
    Ratna Hidayati, Katsutoshi Kanamori, Ling Feng, and Hayato Ohwada
8/23 AM Session 4
Knowledge Acquisition from Network and Big Data – II
  • Predicting the Scale of Trending Topic Diffusion Among Online Communities
    Dohyeong Kim, Soyeon Caren Han, Sungyoung Lee, and Byeong Ho Kang
  • Finding Reliable Source for Event Detection Using Evolutionary Method
    Raushan Ara Dilruba and Mahmuda Naznin
  • Workflow Interpretation via Social Networks
    Eui Dong Kim and Peter Busch
  • Improving Motivation in Survey Participation by Question Reordering
    Rohit Kumar Singh, Vorapong Suppakitpaisarn, and Ake Osothongs
8/23 PM Session 5
Knowledge Acquisition and Applications
  • Knowledge Acquisition for Learning Analytics: Comparing Teacher-Derived, Algorithm-Derived, and Hybrid Models in the Moodle Engagement Analytics Plugin
    Danny Y.T. Liu, Deborah Richards, Phillip Dawson, Jean-Christophe Froissard, and Amara Atif
  • Building a Mental Health Knowledge Model to Facilitate Decision Support
    Bo Hu and Boris Villazon Terrazas
  • Building a Working Alliance with a Knowledge Based System Through an Embodied Conversational Agent
    Deborah Richards and Patrina Caldwell
8/23 PM Session 6
Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning – II
  • Learning Under Data Shift for Domain Adaptation: A Model-Based Co-clustering Transfer Learning Solution
    Santosh Kumar, Xiaoying Gao, and Ian Welch
  • Robust Modified ABC Variant (JA-ABC5b) for Solving Economic Environmental Dispatch (EED)
    Noorazliza Sulaiman, Junita Mohamad-Saleh, and Abdul Ghani Abro
  • Integrating Symbols and Signals Based on Stream Reasoning and ROS
    Takeshi Morita, Yu Sugawara, Ryota Nishimura, and Takahira Yamaguchi